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Letters to our femininity....fucking bitch

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1st January 2004

uselesstunes2:00pm: does anyone name thier uterus? i'd like to know. it'd be uh... interesting?

28th September 2003

danica6:49pm: whenever i have sex with someone else, i imagine im by myself, whenever i am by myself, i imagine having sex with someone else......
how bout you?

24th September 2003

gefiltebitch9:00pm: dear uterus:
you stupid sloughing bitch.

why do you have to make my tits hurt so much?

i oughta get a hysterectomy.
Current Mood: fucking OW

2nd September 2003

emilee9:44pm: my name is emilee and danicamy mom paid my friend Dr Lane, who i really liked before that day, to remove my uterus....tho i never got a chance to use my uterus, nor do i really know its functioning, it was rightfully mine, and she had no right.
sometimes i sneeze in her mouth when she yawns, it gives me peace.
cha9:28pm: heh
Ok - I don't have one - well, I have the one danica made for me.. but I got rid of mine cause it pissed me off and made my life hell ! does that qualifty?

3rd September 2003

gefiltebitch12:25am: hi i've had a uterus my whole life, and i feel (at least for the past 15 years) that it mocks me.
her and her ovarian comrades can officially kiss my ass.

that's all for now. mostly because i just finished riding the cotton pony. more animosity in approximately 22 days.

2nd September 2003

danica9:21pm: just a little note you stupid bitch of a uterus of mine, this weekend, that thing where you decided to spew forth your fiery venom as some sort of cruel joke to keep me from getting laid, that was fuckign funny.
next time im getting out the coathanger and you know it.
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